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China The beauty of Asia and its people is not more evident than in China. Sure there are a lot of people but even in non verbal exchanges it is obvious they enjoy a joke and aspire to much the same things as we do. The big difference is their fascinating culture and the way it is clashing with the modernisation and westernising of the country. From a photographic point of view it provides a lot of choices from the ageing bike framed by a brick wall at the Summer Palace in Bejing to the 431km/h Maglev train.

The great climbThe Mongols may have stormed across the wall but would have had a lot harder time going along it, particularly this steep stretch near Bejing, The seemingly endless accommodation towers leave an indelible mark on the visitor.  In the cities the prices of small units is very high and occupants say, with husband and wife both working they have problems repaying the interest.The great wall of unitsHundreds of towers stretch across the landscape beyond the big cities. The great climbThe Mongols may have stormed across the wall but would have had a lot harder time going along it, particularly this steep stretch near Bejing, The great climbThe Mongols may have stormed across the wall but would have had a lot harder time going along it, particularly this steep stretch near Bejing, The great climbThe Mongols may have stormed across the wall but would have had a lot harder time going along it, particularly this steep stretch near Bejing, At 431km/hr travelling by train has all the fun of a roller coaster ride. This choo choo does the 30 kilometre trip to the airport in under eight minutes against almost an hour by road. Although costing over a billion dollars to build the train tickets are not expensive as it is subsidised by the government.The amazing Maglev train.Short for Magnetic Levitation this Australian-invented thrill machine prepares to leave Shanghai for the airport. Fine water droplets sprayed over a water garden give this cloud like effect to this charming shopping precinct. Thousands of tourists roam the streets to try local food and escape the heat.The floating mallThese decorative shops appear to float on air in Shanghai.

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Fashion and horses  

Maybe I am stuck in rut here but again here I am with Equidae and elegance as a theme.  It seems it is often that last shot that produces the best image - mostly when we are more interested in getting in out of the rain and darkness.  Model Corina though is unstoppable and so is MUA/stylist Megan as we rounded off an afternoon of being on a woodpile and the old grey Fergy.  The sunset was glowing red by this time so we stepped out near the windmill and "Nobody" the horse for some low key/low temperature shots.  Gee it was worth it!

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Horses and fashion Why are we smiling?A thorn in the middle of two roses - Stylist Belinda and Jennifer of Hygain Shooting fashion is always fun and usually has its challenges. Here stylist Belinda (left), Hygain marketing executive Jennifer (right)and myself demonstrate the relief that comes when over ninety product shots are completed in a day.  While Hygain is Australia's premier horse feed supplement company it also carries a range of fashion items and horse products on its website  Belinda's tireless day of tidying, straightening, coaxing and holding paid dividends as we captured over forty shots of caps before variety of tops and horse accessories. Jennifer's preparation of the items was fantastic and she was generous with her comments when she received the finished shots; "Not only did graham take exceptional photos of our merchandise, he was also a pleasure to deal with and has an incredible attention for detail. We can highly recommend Grahams services if you are after quality product shots for your business." Thanks Jennifer.  :)

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Getting painterly You have heard of the painterly look in photography.

This is not quite an image that looks like a painting but it certainly looks like I have risked a coat of auto paint on my lens.

When your client is a panel shop and the job is to capture their expertise sometimes you need to be ready to get the clothes messy. And when it comes to expertise there is no one I admire more than the guys who can match colours and apply paint to make a car look like new. Anyone who has tried spray painting will know what I mean. To capture the spray action I jumped into the spray booth with my 1DX and much love 70 - 200 zoom hoping the ventilation system would keep the spray off my lungs and the gear. It certainly did that. To pick up the spray I put a battery operated 600ws strobe outside the booth and had it shoot though the window. The spray gun did the rest. It is a simple recipe that works for all things small; smoke rain dust and insects - just throw a light behind.

Thanks to boss Terry and the staff at O'Dell Panels Seaford for being so cooperative on a most enjoyable shoot.

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The Melbourne cup, me and the beach? Spot the fake.
The quality may not be much but this is a real picture of the Melbourne Cup and I. It is the 2016 Melbourne Cup and being the day of the race it seems a good time to take a look at this image. Can you tell which of the items in this picture are fake? While the cup is the real deal and was in reach the beach boxes were a long way away cut in with a simple green screen replacement. Our brains are mostly good at spotting bad combinations like this.  While the viewer may not know why it looks wrong the lack of consistent lighting across both images and inconsistent perspective signal that this is a fake.  But what would happen if the perspective had been corrected and the light matched up? Most people working on images in the publishing industry are usually adept because once you know the tricks it is not that hard to do. But is it fair? The fact that newspapers often print altered pictures nowadays without owning up is my beef today. In sport football players are seen in jumpers they have never worn, political adversaries are placed in fake close proximity and tell tale oddities in magazines inform us they are combining several shots to get the look they want. Having been in charge of newspaper photography I know the temptation is always there to improve the impact of the images but we owe it to our readers to let them know when we are improving on reality. No doubt the Melbourne cup with be cut and pasted many times over the next day or so. To stay a winner in the trust stakes publishers need to let us know when their images are fixed.

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The importance of photographs Should you have a professional photo of your family? It is a wonderful way of capturing children as they grow but there is a more compelling reason. I have taken a number of photographs that have later been the cherished image of a person that has died.  It is hard to put a value on such an item when it becomes almost a representation of that person to family and loved ones.  I have shot a number of family photos that included an image of a family member that has died.  Being aware of this has certainly added heightened responsibility when shooting portraits. It was interesting to see the issue raised in an Allison Monkhouse ad as it is often at funerals that the value of the photo of the deceased is first realised. Have you a photo you would like to remember your family by?

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Missed! Young people are fun to photograph.  They are spontaneous and love showing off their skills.  This young man was catching most of his marsh mellows but this missed shot seems to tell the story better. To freeze the action pre focus and use a strobe if possible and don't forget to show your subjects what you have taken.

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In the rain Singing in the rain sounds like fun. It can be fun shooting in the wet too as long as you know your gear is rain proof.  Here the 1DX is put to the test in a downpour that saturated me and some of the equipment. With two feet sinking in the low tide mud of Western Port bay I sought out the perfect shots of mangrove plants for a client. Shooting in inclement weather can produce great images but remember to dry the gear off at the first opportunity.

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Vrooom Reflecting on the Grand PrixSuch tiny cars - such a loud noise! Reflecting on the Grand PrixSuch tiny cars - such a loud noise! Reflecting on the Grand PrixSuch tiny cars - such a loud noise! The Grand Prix is on in Melbourne and trying to get a pan shot of an object moving at nearly 300kmh is quite a guessing game - particularly when there is not warning of its appearance.  But because shooting is fun I had to give it a go with my G1x basically a classy point and shoot. When cars are standing still they are a much easier target - and no! I never entered the track. All my excitement was at the Pullman Hotel while on an assignment that had nothing to do with car racing - but it does overlook the track.

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Nature fashion shoot A day at the beach with two talented ladies is certainly a treat. The day had its ups and downs.  We started later than planned which would have cost us the best of the morning light except it was mostly overcast. It was such an enjoyable session despite the fact that I lost my ferociously expensive specs and we were all feeling average for different reasons in the beginning. The great antidote for all this is to do what we all love; making some beautiful images. My thanks to MUA Megan Bowyer who was happy to add lighting assistant/hair/wardrobe to her duties and stunning model Corina Lloyd who is prepared to take on just about anything to make a shot work. The images in this video are pretty much straight from the camera with mostly just just some cropping and exposure adjustment.

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Big red dress We have just had some fun with another themed shot but this time Photoshop was used to complete the task. The reason? Well the fabric we had was actually a satin bed sheet; not nearly big enough to make a dress this size. Instead we began with something akin to a beach wrap cleverly styled by our beautiful model Corina Lloyd. We then took a series of shots of just the fabric flicked in various positions and added them in post production. With some additional magic from make up artist Lejla Megyesi we produced a stunning image.

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Matching colours Why do some pictures look better than others? Well subject matter aside it is often the use of colour. Restricting the number of colours can bring unity to a picture and create impact. In this shot I was off to a good start with stunning model Corina and great make up by Lejla Megyesi. To help with the unity the shot is limited to black and red colours and both the lipstick and the back light are matched to the chair. The lipstick colour is vermilion which matched the stool and satin fabric we used in another shot. The background light was added in post production taking the colour directly from the stool to match it perfectly.

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Away with the birds Like many photographers I need to spend a fair bit of time in the office working on images and promoting the business. I would much rather be behind the camera. So rather than doze off at the desk I keep an eye out for what I can see and shoot out the window with a camera handy.  These are not shots I ever intend to show anyone.  This is to keep myself on the ball.  In other words shooting away at the birds rather than just being away with the birds.  This morning fifteen wild ducks wandered around. Two doves were nearby but out of camera shot.  


Then came some galahs.  

These are not great bird pictures; they are a snap shot from my desk. They keep me interested and remind me to mow the lawn!

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Getting creative Do you like the idea of a creative portrait and can't work out how to get started?

Why not take your subjects interests and turn them into a creative idea for the shot? Here my model, Ellen, is a student of design so I felt something in the art field would be appropriate. We headed to the National Gallery and thumbed through some books on art and found interesting shots by impressionists like Monet and van Gogh.  No end of inspiration there! For our canvas we used the Gallery's water wall. Elle was placed behind the cascade and posed as if before an impressionist master. The result - an instant painterly masterpiece.  



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Early days with the camera If you are in the media it is a good idea not to spend time at a bar with a journalist. What I thought was a social occasion emerged as a series of stories based on some of my conversation and given a lot of polish. It was true Julie and I were not long back from six months overseas exploring and shooting Europe. I started doing a night time radio shift but was fortunate to be promoted to drive and later breakfast at a station that was the most successful in the country during this time. While the fashion of the era is something I would like to forget I still have my trusty Canon FTB and that Tamron zoom hidden in a drawer somewhere.

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Tribute to Malcolm Fraser Many may have forgotten but in 1982 the late Malcolm Fraser, Prime Minister of Australia, made newspaper headlines around the country for riding a bike to work in Canberra. It started with an idea that came from a meeting with triathlon promoter Ray Russell.  We decided to have a bike made to suit the Prime Ministers lofty size and presented it to him at the Fitzory Gardens.

Here Malcolm Fraser accepts the large framed bike.  From left:Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, Ray Russell, Five times world cycling champion Danny Clark and myself.


The Prime Minister was something of a tinkerer in his spare time and enjoyed hearing about the construction of the bike from Ray.  Little did we know he would take to it so well from that moment.

A most unusual event followed. As compensation for the boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games Malcolm Fraser had set out to make it up to Australian athletes. Triathlons had just begun and I was competing in one that finished at Hastings here in Victoria. From memory it was the second held in the country. I had pushed for money to be raised from this to go to a fund for the elite athletes. While I was on air doing the breakfast shift the Prime Minister rang to interview me about my preparation and prospects. I am not sure if this type of event has happened since on Melbourne Radio. The interview went live and went so smoothly people refused to believe it had not been edited. The Prime Minister went further to ask the local member, Sir Phillip Lynch to attend the event and meet me at the finish line.  I remember coming ninth and he stepped out to welcome me on behalf of the Prime Minister. In those days triathlons were like half iron men events and he commented how well I had done on the 18km running leg overtaking thirteen other contestants. 

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Photography should be fun Are you really having fun with your photography?

It doesn't matter if you are a  photographer, model or iphone user, going slightly crazy at times can keep you from getting stale. So may advice is that we mix in something some occasional silliness with all the earnest attempts to be "better" at what we do.  This shot was really simple to do but it got some laughs and helps break up a session.


This is Melbourne model and musician Dave Holder who is pretty crazy at the best of times. Here I asked Dave to poke himself in the eye with his left hand and just added a second shot of him from the other side in Photoshop. Job done and a very convincing eye poke too!  See just how crazy Dave can be at


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